General Overview
Background of the Conference:

Since the release of the Procedures for Special Approval of Innovative Medical Devices (Trial) in 2014, the innovation approval channel has been open to medical device enterprises for more than 10 years. With the support of national policies, China's innovative medical device market is facing rapid development. Life science enterprises usually need to invest a lot on research and development in the early stage. From the beginning of research and development to the final marketing, a technology generally needs to solve problems on long product registration approval cycle and high investment costs in the early stage. With the improvement of the innovation ability of local medical device enterprises, there were frequent IP disputes and infringement lawsuits in the field of medical devices at home and abroad in recent years, and the layout and protection of IP rights have become increasingly important.

In this context, the "4th IP ForeFront MedForum 2024" hosted by IP ForeFront NewMedia will be held in Shanghai on August 8-10, 2024 with the theme of "Embracing the new pattern of IP for enterprise innovation". This conference will continue the past conference mode and enrich the theme of the conference, including a half-day pre-conference topic share part titled "Analysis of Full- Process Practices of Licensing Transaction and Legal Risk Guide"in the afternoon of August 8, and a two-day formal conference on August 9-10. The relevant topics start from the current hot issues and include the practices of enterprises, in order to provide a good learning opportunity for IP practitioners in the industry, and build a bridge for exchange and cooperation for IP practitioners of medical device enterprises, industry lawyers, agents and enterprise R&D personnel. If you are interested in participating in the conference, please contact us by email or phone.

IFMF 2024 will help you understand:

• Analysis of Full- Process Practices of Licensing Transaction and Legal Risk Guide

• Current Application Situations of Utility Model, Invention and Design Patent in China's Medical Device Industry

• Effects of Amending the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law and Guidelines for Examination on Patent Invalidation Procedures

• Formulation of Patent Infringement Lawsuit Strategy and Determination of Compensation Amount for Medical Device Enterprises

• Difficulties in Judicial Protection and Rights Protection of Trade Secrets in the Sector of Medical Devices

• Dilemma and Discussion on the Rights Protection of Illegal Gray-market Goods and Counterfeit Medical Devices

• Application and Layout of Appearance Design and Utility Model Patent for Medical Device Enterprises

• Discussions on How to Build Patent Barriers for Medical Device Enterprises and Their Practices

• IP Protection in Hot Racetracks (Ophthalmology, Home Medical Devices, Endoscopes, Stomatology, etc.)

• Observations and Countermeasures for Medical Device IP Disputes in Europe under the Unified Patent System

• IP Strategies and Challenges for Chinese Medical Device Companies Going Global

• Practical Issues on Trademark Protection of Medical Device Enterprises

IFMF Participating Units:

Government departments and associations: People's Courts, Intellectual Property Offices, Medical Products Administration, Industry associations.

Industry law firms: Intellectual property lawyers, agents.

Medical device enterprises: responsible person for intellectual property, legal affairs, R&D, compliance.

Scientific research institutions/universities: management department of intellectual property operation, R&D personnel.

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The 4th IP ForeFront Med Forum 2024 (IFMF 2024)
“Embracing the new pattern of IP for Enterprise Innovation”

Afternoon on August 8

Pre-conference Workshop:
Analysis of Full- Process Practices of Licensing Transaction and Legal Risk Guide

Morning on August 9

IP Judicial Protection:
Patent and Trade Secret Infringement

Afternoon on August 9

Strategies for Patent Application and Layout:
Creative Judgment, Utility Model and Appearance Design

Evening on August 9

Welcome Reception

Morning on August 10

IP Protection in Hot Racetracks:
Ophthalmology, Home Medical Devices, Endoscopes, and Stomatology

Afternoon on August 10

Enterprises Going Global Practice
IP Strategies and Challenges for Chinese Medical Device Companies Going Global

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